My name is Tom Korzen and I specialize in envisioning and realizing great products. My professional track record boasts over a decade of experience and numerous top selling and in-demand products. I’m also the sole founder and creator of Garden365.com and BarsitySports.com so much of my expertise has been forged with first-hand experience. Below you’ll find a brief summary of my professional attributes.

  • Nearly 15 years of user-centric product design and development experience.
  • Proven mechanical design expertise in various manufacturing technologies.
  • High proficiency in 2D (Photoshop, Illustrator) and 3D (Solidworks) CAD software.
  • Comprehensive understanding of advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Outstanding competence in manual and rapid prototyping methods.
  • First-hand entrepreneurial experience in developing and commercializing new products.

Please check out some of my projects to learn more about my work. Below you’ll find a few words some of my colleagues and customers had to say about me. Please visit my Linkedin page to get the whole story.

Tom introduced us to a number of different options we had not even considered and where we ended up was completely different but far more ingenious.Michael Basler, CPA, CMACOO / CFO, APRIVACY LTD
Tom’s passion for design, combined with his business acumen ensures success for both him and his customers.Chris BrozinaGeneral Manager, FlashPoint Design & Tool Inc.
Tom’s integrity, positive work ethic and teamwork complement his excellent analytical and observation skills.Michael DomijanCTO, UVA Research Corp.
I knew I would always be way ahead of the game with Tom’s creativity and business acumen on my side.Ron FaithfullPrincipal, Shiftomarket
Tom is detailed-oriented and has the ability to think outside the box.Jerrad HennessyVice President, Hennessy & Hinchcliffe

If you’re in need of a product realization professional you’ve come to the right place so please contact me today and let’s get started.