My name is Tom Korzen. I specialize in envisioning and realizing great products. My professional track record boasts over two decades of product design and developement experience, and numerous top selling and in-demand products. I worked with most of the top tier retailers in Canada and United States including The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, and Costco to name a few, as well as, numerous foreign and domestic manufacturers. I’m also an avid entrepreneur so much of my expertise has been forged in the deep end, where your convictions and relentless perseverance, fuelled by long days and sleepless nights, are tested as you sink or swim in the often turbulent and hyper-competitive retail market. 

Below you’ll find a brief summary of my professional attributes:

  • Over 20 years of user-centric product design and development experience.
  • Proven DfM expertise in various manufacturing technologies.
  • High proficiency in 2D and 3D (Solidworks) CAD software.
  • Comprehensive understanding of advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Outstanding competence in manual and rapid prototyping methods.
  • First-hand entrepreneurial experience in developing and commercializing new products.

Please have a look at some of my projects to learn more about my work. Below you’ll find a few words some of my colleagues and customers had to say about me. Please visit my Linkedin profile page to get the rest of my story.

Tom introduced us to a number of different options we had not even considered and where we ended up was completely different but far more ingenious.Michael Basler, CPA, CMACOO / CFO, APRIVACY LTD
Tom’s passion for design, combined with his business acumen ensures success for both him and his customers.Chris BrozinaGeneral Manager, FlashPoint Design & Tool Inc.
Tom’s integrity, positive work ethic and teamwork complement his excellent analytical and observation skills.Michael DomijanCTO, UVA Research Corp.
I knew I would always be way ahead of the game with Tom’s creativity and business acumen on my side.Ron FaithfullPrincipal, Shiftomarket
Tom is detailed-oriented and has the ability to think outside the box.Jerrad HennessyVice President, Hennessy & Hinchcliffe

If you’re in need of a product realization professional you’ve come to the right place.  Please kindly  contact me today and let’s get started.